As part of the documentation process for your new vehicle we require to obtain evidence of your signature and evidence of your home address. We have detailed below some of the answers to the main questions you may have. In addition we have explained what is required, why it is required and the action you must take.

Q: Why have you asked me for copies of my personal documents?

A: The financial services industry is a natural target for criminals and terrorists who wish to legitimise money gained from their criminal activities. Criminals and terrorists attempt to place money gained from acts such as fraud, drug trafficking, smuggling and robbery into the financial services industry through the purchase of products. They will then encash the proceeds of the product at a later date. This is known as money laundering: it is the process of making “dirty” criminal money look “clean” and legitimate. First European Finance (Scotland) Ltd, along with all other financial services companies, has a legal duty to verify your identity. This is done by obtaining documented evidence of your signature as well as your name and address. The information you provide is held confidentially and will not be used for any other purpose.

Q: Why have you asked me for this information?

A: It does not mean in any way that suspicion is falling on you. Name and address evidence must be documented before allowing certain transactions to proceed. This is now a legal requirement within our industry. Documentation is needed that clearly identifies or reconfirms who you are. This makes life harder for criminals and terrorists to use false or stolen identities to access the financial system and launder their “dirty” criminal money to make it look “clean” and legitimate. By providing this information you make it harder for criminals and terrorists to use false names – including yours – in committing their crimes. Verifying clients’ identities is essential in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Q: What proof of identity do you require?

A: On our main letter there is a list of the types of documents that can be used to identify who you are. We need two documents: one specifically to verify your signature and one to verify your address. Copies of these documents must be submitted to us along with the main contract documents for your new vehicle.

Q: Can I send you the original documents instead?

A: We do not ask our clients to send original documents. If you decide to send us original documents, we will, of course, accept them and return them to you, but we cannot be held responsible for their loss or subsequent misuse.

Q: What if I do not have any of the types of documents you are asking me to send?

A: We fully understand that some people will not have all or, in some cases, any of the documents we have asked you for. Please contact us on 0330 0947 350 explaining the reason. We will then advise you of any possible alternatives dependent upon the situation.

Q: What happens if I refuse to supply these documents?

A: The law requires us to obtain this information. If it is not forthcoming then we will not be able to proceed with the transaction you have requested.

Q: Which documents can I use as evidence of my name and signature?

A: You can provide a copy of one of the following documents issued by an official authority:

Current driving license
Current passport.

Q: Which documents can I use as evidence of my address?

– An electricity bill that is dated in the last 90 days. The bill must show your address and the 13 digit electricity supply number. The bill does not need to be in your name however it must be at your home address.
– Bank, building society or credit card statement issued within the last 60 days.
– You can use your current driving license to evidence your name or address, but it cannot be used to evidence both. Separate documents are required to evidence your name and address.

Q: What if I am a sole trader applying under my trading name?

A: In addition to the name evidence, please also provide evidence of your business address in the form of a bank statement dated in the last 60 days.

Q: What if we are a business partnership or a Limited Company?

A: Each relevant partner or director must provide personal name and address evidence.

Q: How should I get this information to you?

A: You can send this information to us using email or send it by post to the following address:

First European Ltd
RFL House
Anderson Street
FK15 9AJ